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APTA Training and APTA Safety Standards

APTA or FTA Training and APTA or FTA Safety Standards

Most transit properties in this country are not obligated to follow the guidelines of the FRA because they are not connected to the General Railway System. Those transit properties have developed their own set of Safety Standards. Most follow the general outline of the FRA.

APTA has now taken the lead for establishing Safety Standards within the Transit and Light Rail communities. In order to understand the principles of the Safety Standards, an employee must have a good knowledge of track criteria such as gauge, alignment, surface and components. In order to achieve a higher level of understanding, the worker should be able to answer questions such as:

  • Why we must take extra precautions at approaches?
  • Why should we never tamp the middle of the railroad tie?

APTA or FTA Training Curriculum

Track Guy Consultants has put together a generic Training Curriculum that can be customized to each Transit and Light Rail property. It is based on 4 levels of achievement. As a worker progresses through the Training Curriculum, he/she is rewarded with accommodations and stickers for their hard hats. Call The Track Guy for complete details.

APTA or FTA Training Benefits

Training is an investment -- not an expense. Training employees sends many messages and they are all positive, such as:

  • Employees that are trained properly will produce a good base for motivation. It shows that the agency cares about its employees and the riding public.
  • Training also gives recognition to workers and will further offer a very professional image.
  • The people that ride the system will be more confident in our ability to maintain the track to a specific standard that makes for a safe system. This can attract riders that may be apprehensive about riding the system.
  • Training will also give upper management a sense of confidence that everything is being maintained according to the established standards.
  • Employees will be more conscientious when walking track and have a feeling of ownership in the system.

Let Track Guy Consultants help your company with APTA or FTA training. Call us today!

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