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Railroad Track Safety, Quality, Efficiency, Responsibility, Integrity


Track Construction Handbooks

Track Construction Handbooks. Track Guy Consultants has developed a series of handbooks for the Track Construction Supervisor. Each handbooks is dedicated to a specific track form. Visit Track Construction Handbooks for complete details.

The Track Guy Has Answers!

Welcome to Track Guy Consultants -- Your Best Source for Railroad Track Training, Railroad Track Inspection, Trackwork Training, FRA and APTA Training.

  1. Ever needed an introductory course to learn more about the means and methods of Track Construction and how it works?
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  2. Ever wonder where you can learn Track construction, Track design, Track maintenance, Track safety?
    Visit Trackwork 101
  3. What are the new APTA Safety Standards?
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  4. Ever wonder how we build track safely?
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  5. Ever wonder who is responsible for what?
    Visit Project Management
  6. Ever wonder who is The Track Guy?
    Visit About John Zuspan
  7. Ever wonder if you could do Trackwork in-house?
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  8. Ever wonder how to properly control the Track design process and control the Track project?
    Visit Quality Control
  9. Ever wanted to understand the 3 E's of Trackwork?
    Visit Bid Preparation
  10. Ever wanted an inspection of your Track?
    Visit Track Inspection
  11. Ever wanted to build a better, more cost effective Track design?
    Visit Value Engineering
  12. Ever wanted a scale model to explain reality?
    Visit Scale Modeling
  13. Ever wonder if you are going to make money?
    Visit Cost Management
  14. Ever wonder what's going on the the track world?
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If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, then give Track Guy a call. Let's Talk Track!

Our Missionbullets

To continually educate ourselves, newcomers and veterans in the railroad industry, to share our experiences, our knowledge and our ideas -- thus enabling the rail industry to work towards combining Safety, Quality, and Efficiency in order to maintain the highest levels of Integrity and innovation while preserving the art of Railroad Track Construction for the United States of America and throughout the world.

The Rail Renaissance is upon us and Passenger Transportation Systems are being constructed in cities all across the United States of America. Tax credits have been implemented to help Short Lines upgrade infrastructure to accommodate the ever increasing loads that the Class 1 Railroads are hauling while cities and states are generating funding for the construction.

We must build and maintain the track structure the right way or Railroad Safety, Quality, and Integrity will be compromised and this great industry will (literally and figuratively) derail. At present, there are not enough skilled and experienced workers in this rail industry to handle this growing opportunity. There will be new Track Guys on the block that need to be trained and mentored until they gain the experience that is necessary in order to maintain the absolute integrity of track construction and safeguard the riding public. This must be our #1 Priority. Quality of Construction, Safety of the Track Structure and a Responsible Attitude toward passenger safety is a MUST.

Track Guy Consultants provides that "warm fuzzy feeling" of knowing that your track is safe. Together, we can and will make a difference.

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John Zuspan, President
Track Guy Consultants
934 Royal Court
Canonsburg, PA 15317

Mobile: 973 222-1300

Email: zuspan@trackguy.com


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