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Railroad Track Safety, Quality, Efficiency, Responsibility, Integrity

Track Construction Handbooks

Track Guy Consultants has developed a series of handbooks for the Railroad Industry. Each handbook is dedicated to a specific track form and is printed on polymer paper that is waterproof and tear proof. Now available in 32 pound paper at a reduced price. These handbooks will fit comfortably in the back pocket and are virtually indestructible in the Polymer paper format. Drop them in a mud puddle…simply wash them off with water. Sweat on them...wipe them off. The spiral binding is on the top so it will not get caught in the lining of your pocket..

Handbooks/Desktops available:

  1. Constructing DF (Direct Fixation) Track, including LVT
  2. Constructing Ballasted Track with a variety of ties
  3. Constructing Embedded Track
  4. Constructing turnouts & Cross-Overs, Double Cross-Overs
  5. De-stressing CWR & Thermal Forces
  6. Maintaining Track
  7. Managing Track Projects
  8. Build Road Crossings
  9. FTA Track Safety Guidelines **
  10. Desktop copy (8½ x 11) of 1-8 (NEW) in Polymer & 32# papers
  11. CWR & Thermal Forces Workbook, Desktop (8½ x 11) (32# only) (NEW)

John Zuspan has dedicated his life to building, maintaining, teaching and managing Railroad Track. He now offers over 40 years of experience in these convenient Handbooks and Desktop versions.

Cross Level Chart

Inside each handbook are many graphics, pictures and tips. There are stopping points along the process with checklists as reminders to proceed in the proper order. These checklists can be used as Quality Control checks and included in your QA/QC manual. In the DF Track handbook we talk about evaluating the sub-structure before you start, survey tips, developing a Plan of Attack, distributing material, the flow of work, equipment, manpower, in-house support, placing re-bar, formwork, the support system, placing concrete, patching air bubbles and the finish work. These handbooks are an excellent guide for a successful project and one that you will be proud.

Over 50,600 words, 370 pages, 125 photos and 90 graphics combined in the 8-Handbooks

How to Order these Valuable Resources

  1. Visit our new Online Store and pay by credit card or PayPal. We accept VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover
  2. Order by phone by calling John at 973-222-1300 or email zuspan@trackguy.com
  3. Download Handbook Order Form (PDF) and email and / or snail mail completed form back to us with your credit card information on the bottom of form or send with a check made out to 'Track Guy Consultants'
  4. Cash is always welcome.

Price: see price listings outlined on the Handbook Order Form (PDF). Price includes S&H and tax.

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