Railroad Track Training and Track Inspection
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Railroad Track Safety, Quality, Efficiency, Responsibility, Integrity


Comprehensive Track Training

We have an Obligation to Educate! Comprehensive Track Training is an extremely important part of developing employees in any successful company. Without proper training, mistakes happen. Educating workers as to the 'why' will enable them to recognize possible problem areas and potentially prevent a derailment. Proper Training can reduce liability and risk. Understanding the means and methods of track construction is extremely important for the most cost efficient construction. If managers, superintendents, foremen, operators and laborers are not familiar with the means and methods, then cost overruns can easily happen. Quality of Railroad Track Construction and safety of the track structure is a must. The mistakes made on the Railroad can be life-threatening and devastating, not to mention very costly.

Railroad Technology for Constructing, Maintaining and Operating Rail Systems has changed over the years and dedicated employees must understand what those changes mean to the railroad industry.  Let Track Guy Consultants assist your company in training employees on the new technology and procedures and the biggest problems you'll have to deal with and how The Track Guy overcomes them all.

Companies that spend the time and invest money to train workers are the ones that reap the rewards of very loyal, dedicated, and quality employees. With the excitement in Rail Renaissance, it is imperative that we build these new systems properly and efficiently, and build them with a Responsible Attitude toward passenger safety. Let Track Guy Consultants help your company avoid the most common railway track mistakes and be a leader of quality, safety, and responsibility in the Railroad Construction Industry.

Our Training Options

@Trackwork 101: For a full day of training in the Basics of Trackwork Construction. Visit Trackwork 101.

Trackwork 101 Related Seminars: We have developed a Comprehensive Training Program consisting of 1-day or 2-day training seminars. For a full description of our related course offerings (Trackwork 103, Trackwork 104, Trackwork 105, Trackwork 106, Trackwork 107, Trackwork 108, Trackwork 109) visit Training Seminars. Seminars include classroom setting or field instruction.

Training Modules: We also offer 52 additional Training Modules for a Custom Training Program tailored to your cmopany's needs and desired location. Visit Training Modules.

Track Construction Handbooks. Track Guy Consultants has developed a series of handbooks for the Track Construction Supervisor. Each handbooks is dedicated to a specific track form. Visit Track Construction Handbooks for complete details.

Speaker Availability

The Track Guy is also available to speak at Annual Corporate Meetings and Annual Sales Meetings. The Track Guy will gladly review any topic with your management and staff and show you how to cram 8 hours of classroom training into a one day seminar.



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