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Railroad Track Training and Track Inspection with John Zuspan

The Track Guy Newsletter

Do You Have Questions ?

Our mission is simple -- to inform and educate. This is where you, the reader, get to ask questions about Railroad Track engineering, track design, track construction, track maintenance or anything to do with Trackwork. If you have questions you want to Ask The Track Guy, or topics you would like to discuss, simply call or email The Track Guy and we will answer in a timely manner. Some questions will be published in our Ask The Track Guy section of our Newsletter.

John Zuspan, The Track Guy
Office 724 873-7333
Mobile 973 222-1300
Email: zuspan@trackguy.com

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Fall 2010

  • Spotlight: Contracting in the Rail Industry
  • What is the correct joint stagger ahead of the Point of Switch ?
  • Can you use 78’ rails for jointed track ?


Winter 2009

  • Spotlight: The Stimulus Package
  • How much track does $20 Billion build?
  • Do you teach Project Management?
  • What is happening around the world?


Fall 2008

  • Spotlight: The Voters Have Spoken
  • What is Automatic Train Control (ATC)?
  • What is a point detector?


Summer 2008

  • Track Guy Consultants Training Schedule
  • Spotlight: Passenger Railroads and Congestion
  • What is happening in Salt Lake?


Spring 2008

  • Spotlight: Peru
  • What is coefficient of expansion?
  • How much does rail cost?
  • What are the APTA standards?
  • Who are the big companies?


Winter 2008

  • Spotlight: Congestion on the Highways
  • Do you need to thermal adjust rail in embedded track?
  • When laying out material for a ladder track with 15' track centers, what is the distance between the point of switches?
  • Do you have any Indian Tricks for DF track?



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