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Projects Sheet #1

John has managed and overseen numerous projects preparing cost estimates, schedules, cost accounting, risk management, bid preparation, track maintenance plans. John has built turnouts, interlockings, floating slabs and performed remedial work and conducted inspections and prepared inspection reports. His passion is Railroad Track. Give The Track Guy a call or drop him an email and judge for yourself. He truly enjoys TALKING TRACK!
Email: zuspan@trackguy.com

The following represents projects that we have been involved in since March of 2004 until January of 2008.

  • Monterrey, Mexico: Helped the Track Contractor establish work plans and a gantry system to place direct fixation track using "top down" methodology. Also performed Quality Control Inspection as the new extension to the Monterrey Metro was being constructed.

  • Lima, Peru: Went to Lima to observe maintenance operations on the Central Railway of Peru. The track started at elevation zero and climbed to 16,000 feet above sea level into the Andes Mountains using 9 switchbacks and 67 tunnels. We gave a Trackwork Seminar to 16 maintenance guys and engineers helping them to establish a formal training program.

  • Portland Cement Association: Developed high production equipment to place direct fixation track in a very cost-effective manner. Performed research and cost estimates to build 100 miles of slab track.

  • NRC Safety DVDs: Producing 2 DVDs per year for the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC). Writing scripts, directing and managing all aspects involved in producing top quality high definition video productions that highlight all safety concerns when working around railroad track.

  • Oceanside to Escondido: A General Contractor hired us to prepare a cost estimate for the Trackwork on this extension in San Diego. We prepared a full estimate for the construction and maintenance for this project. We also did a full schedule in order to coordinate between the civil work and trackwork. We compared our pricing with the Track Contractor to ensure that all activities were assigned cost and nothing was missed. We further attended strategy meetings to do risk management and evaluate potential savings.

  • Patco Rehabilitation: A Track Contractor hired us to perform a cost estimate for this project. The work involved total renewal of the interlockings while maintaining operation of the system. Most work was performed at night or on weekends.

  • Tren Urbano, Puerto Rico: The Design Engineer hired us to perform inspection services while the owner decided to do remedial work at all the interlockings built in the direct fixation type configuration. Our primary function was to observe the work, offer advice and review repair procedures. We further wrote a detailed report of our observation during the four months of work in Puerto Rico. We are also helping with claims and change orders.

  • Research: A supplier of track material hired us to do research on the advantages of using composite 3rd rail as compared to steel. Our primary focus was on the 84c type 3rd rail.

  • Staten Island Project: A General Contractor asked us to do a cost estimate for this project and coordinate with the civil work. It was further agreed that if the Contractor had won the job, we would assist in the Project Management to perform the Trackwork.

  • Detroit People Mover: The Developer hired us to perform inspection work of the Contractor. This contract called for the complete removal of a section of the guideway in order to build a glorious entrance to the GM Headquarters. The new piece of guideway was installed and the track contractor did the trackwork construction. We were asked to ensure that work was being performed safely and to contract specification. We finished with a full report on our findings.

  • Beacon Hill Extension: A track contractor hired us to do a comparison bid on this project.

  • Reliant Energy Power Plant: They gave us a 3-year contract to perform contract administration and inspection work. We first performed a detailed walking inspection of all the track, then wrote specification for a 3-year maintenance contract and put it out for bid. We further negotiated a fair price and awarded the contract. We also prepared a 15-year plan to track maintenance with assigned budgets and set priorities based on our life cycle calculations. We also prepared and administered a capitol improvement project within their Thaw Shed.

  • South Ferry, New York: Helped a General Contractor with strategy and cost for this project.

  • Siberia: Performed a detailed inspection of 250km of track and prepared a 5-year maintenance plan with manpower, material and equipment budgets. Prepared procedures for all work and made recommendations for a good organization structure to maintain the track to very tight Russian standards.

  • Mid-City Expo Extension, Los Angeles: Helped the Contractor prepare the pre-qualification package for this project. Did all writing and scheduling for this project. Attended review meetings and developed means and methods for the construction of the Trackwork. Our proposal received the highest technical score.

  • ©Trackwork 101, Countrywide: This is our signature Training Seminar that has been given to over 1,300 people with 100 companies represented. On average, we offer 25 seminars per year directly related to track construction, inspection and maintenance.

  • Block 37, Chicago: Prepared a full scale cost estimate, schedule and procedure for the installation of a floating slab, 4 turnouts, 2 diamonds and tie block renewal under an operating system.

  • Railcet Laborers and Operators Union, Countrywide: We negotiated a contract with this Railroad Union for Training their membership on Trackwork construction, maintenance and design.

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