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Projects Sheet #2

John has built, managed and overseen numerous projects from Industrial Track to Class 1 Track to Commuter Track to Subway Track, to High Speed Track to Light Rail Track. John has also built Soundwalls, Floor Slabs, Foundations, Highway Overlays, Highway Barriers and Reconstructed a Parking Garage. He loves building stuff and his passion is Railroad Track. Give The Track Guy a call or drop him an email and judge for yourself. He truly enjoys TALKING TRACK!
Email: zuspan@trackguy.com


Largo Line direct fixation track

Largo Line (WMATA) $13,800,000. Negotiated and managed construction of 6 miles of direct fixation track and 4 interlockings. Our compliments go to the General Contractor Lane/Slattery/Skanska/Granite. And Mark Snailham did a very nice job as Project Manager.

Crum Creek Bridge timber replacement

Crum Creek Bridge $1,300,000. Complete timber replacement and new walkway installation. All work was completed on weekends with little disruptions to the riding public.

Joliet Arsenal Intermodal Yard

Joliet Arsenal $6,300,000. Managed construction of the largest intermodal yard in the United States for the Burlington Northern. Bill Dorris did an excellent job as the Project Manager

Baltimore Double Track

Baltimore Double Track $12,200,000. Managed subcontractors, construction and shutdowns of track. The MTA entertained the total shutdown concept which enabled contractors to complete the project with the least amount of disruption to the public.

Hudson_Bergen ballasted track

Hudson-Bergen Phase II $11,000,000. Managed construction of 18 miles of ballasted track and 3 miles of direct fixation. Planning and coordination were paramount in the construction of this system. Mark Lindstrom did an outstanding job as Project Manager.

South Jersey LRT

South Jersey LRT $57,000,000. Managed construction as VP Operations of 23 miles of new track and 25 miles of rehabilitation. This is a popular system for New Jersey Transit.

World Trade Center trackwork and restoration

World Trade Center PATH Restoration $17,000,000. Negotiated and managed construction of trackwork at Exchange Place, The Tubes and at Ground Zero for restoration of passenger service back to Manhattan after the terrorist attack. John never thought he would have to do it again. He will never forget!! Jonathan Barnhart did a superb job as Project Manager.


Kennedy Rail Link JFK Airport

Kennedy Rail Link JFK Airport, DBOM, $56,000,000.-track, $1,200,000,000.-total: John designed an innovative method to build 20 miles of direct fixation track. Also built 6 miles of ballasted track. Had responsibility for design reviews.

Patco wood tie and concrete tie removal

Patco Lindenwold, NJ $8,300,000. Managed removal of 52,000 wood ties and replaced 52,000 concrete ties.

Puerto Rico Light Rail System

Puerto Rico Assisted in the construction of the new Light Rail System. Later went back to perform inspection services as Track Guy Consultants.


Hudsen Bergen LRT design and track construction

Hudson-Bergen LRT (DBOM) $42,000,000.-track, $250,000,000.-total: Phase I; participated in design reviews and supervised the track construction consisting of 6 miles of embedded track, 3 miles of direct fixation and 9 miles of ballasted track.

63rd Street Tunnel track construction and direct fixation track

63rd Street Tunnel (NYCT ) $44,000,000.-track, $60,000,000.-total: Supervised track construction for the 63rd Street Tunnel project under Rikers Island. Four miles of demolition and reconstruction of direct fixation track. 63rd Street Queens Boulevard Tunnel Connection $6,000,000.-track, $160,000,000.-total: Supervised construction of a 4-track railroad under Queens Boulevard.

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