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Projects Sheet #3 

John has managed and overseen numerous projects including demolition, debris removal, reconstruction of concrete floors and sound wall barriers, track removal and installation, 3rd rails, turnouts, CWR, rubber crossings, double slip switch, interlockings, double crossovers, ballasted track, direct fixaction track, including installation of signal and power systems. Design and construction of Amtrak High Speed facilities, SEPTA Airport Line with viaducts and station platforms, Bridges over Long Island Expressway. His passion is Railroad Track. Give The Track Guy a call or drop him an email and judge for yourself. He truly enjoys TALKING TRACK!
Email: zuspan@trackguy.com


World Trade Center debris removal and reconstruction

World Trade Center Supervisor in charge of all debris removal and reconstruction of concrete floors after the terrorist attack. Was sent there four days after the bomb went off and left 1-1/2 years later.

4th Avenue Line, ballast and turnouts

4th Avenue Line (NYCT) $50,000,000: Supervised the installation of 8 miles of track and 3rd rail on concrete and ballast with 19 turnouts.

Amtrak High Speed Facilities trackwork

Amtrak High Speed facilities, DC, Boston and New York $4,000,000.-track: Responsible for design and construction of all trackwork in the three facilities for the new Acela trains.


Van Wyke Expressway trackwork

Van Wyke Expressway Supervised demolition, joint installation, concrete barriers and placement of micro-silica concrete.


Route 80 construction of sound walls

Route 80, Denville, New Jersey Developed unique procedures, schedule and construction of sound walls along Interstate 80.


Empire Connection regrade, subgrade, installation, turnouts, crossings

Empire Connection (Amtrak) $8,300,000: Removal of 8 miles of track, re-grade and compact sub-grade, shape ditches, install 12 miles of new track, 8 turnouts, CWR and 4 rubber crossings. Project completed ahead of schedule and under budget.


B Yard direct fixation track and major interlockings

B Yard (LIRR) $8,000,000: Remove and install 1.5 miles of track, 4 turnouts and a double slip switch. Also rock excavation, approach slabs and retaining walls. Install signal and power systems. This was an 8 week job with 20,000 per day LD's.


Zone II double crossovers, live 3rd rail

Zone II (NYCT) $35,000,000.-Track, $85,000,000.-total: Removal and re-installation of 8 miles of direct fixation track. All work at night and weekends under diversion of service. All track was restored before morning rush hour. Three major interlockings.

West 4th double crossovers and 3rd rail

West 4th Street (NYCT) $6,400,000: Total removal and reinstallation of 3 double crossovers. All work was done at night and on weekends restoring train service at the end of each diversion. Work was completed adjacent to live tracks with live 3rd rail.

Aiport Line viaducts, station platforms, ballasted track, crossovers

Airport Line (SEPTA) $15,000,000: Construct airport line with viaducts and station platforms, with ballasted track, CWR and 3 #20 crossovers.

Long Island Expressway ballasted track and bridges

Bridges over Long Island Expressway (LIRR) $21,000,000: Complete removal of ballasted track and installation of eight 100' long bridges and 16 approach bridges.

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