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Our Testimonials

Some Comments from our Training Attendees:

  • Bill Moorhead, Principal, Trammco LLC writes:  "Trackwork 101 is a great combination of track design fundamentals overlaid with an excellent presentation on construction methods, equipment and issues.  It fills in many of the knowledge gaps between theory and practice and will be very useful to anyone involved in the design and construction of rail transit systems, whether an old hand or beginner."

  • Ernesto Scarpetti, Safety Manager, Delta RR Const writes: "You present the material in laymen's terms, which is great."

  • Some universal comments are: "very well presented", "good class", "very good speaker", "good job", "Excellent course", "Great Job!", "Very worthwhile", "very informative", "nice job", "really liked the videos".

  • Peter Hutchinson, Vice President, Selco Manufacturing writes: "The course was excellent. It is incredibly useful for a vendor to see the installation of different types of track construction. Also the definitions section was extremely useful; it gave a much clearer picture of railroading terms and methodology. Best I've seen yet. I would recommend this course to anyone who works with and for railroading."

  • Delores Liso, Sales Rep, Advanced Track Products writes: "I feel enlightened after taking this course."

  • Larry Larrello, Vice President, Delta Railroad Construction writes: "John has a unique talent for explaining engineering issues in an accurate and practical way. The course was outstanding and our workforce learned a great deal and had some great discussions on turnout construction and thermal forces in particular. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the Rail Industry."

  • Joel Colby, Project Manager, Port of Tacoma writes: "John is very knowledgeable, I enjoyed the class."

  • Doug Fear, Planner, Bombardier writes: "Excellent samples, examples and visual aids."

  • Cathi Zammit, Manager, Caltrain writes: "The practical nature of the info and presentation was very helpful and will be a lot more useful than all the extremely technical design info."

  • Steve Minden, Project Manager, Caltrain/URS writes: "Appreciate the real world experience you bring to the course. Overall, one of the best seminars I've ever attended".

  • Anonymous in Seattle writes: "Presentation style is very good."

  • Steve Bennings, Chief Estimator, Stacy & Witbeck writes: "Very good, well worth it."

  • Anonymous in San Francisco writes: "I found the class to be very helpful; a good overview of trackwork, (John) spends time to answer questions, lots of useful information."

  • Anonymous in San Diego writes: "Excellent! good material, well presented, good choice of venue, everything went very smooth."

  • Shankar Rajoram, Associate, ATS Consulting writes: "Perfect blend of pragmatic and engineering issues explained crystal clear. Very good presentation."

  • Gordon Martyn, Design Manager, Valley Metro/Parsons Brinkerhoff writes: "John's course takes you from the elementary to the in-depth discussion on various topics. Need more of these types of schoolings to convey the knowledge and know how of our industry."

  • Travis Brown, Foreman, Balfour Beatty Rail writes: "Energetic speaker, interesting to listen to. A person with that much experience in so many fields."

  • Tim Mitchell, General Superintendent, Stacy & Witbeck writes: "A good job was done devoting equal amount of time to each subject."

  • Mike Deathage, Principal, Deathage & Associates writes: John, your vast knowledge is easily conveyed to attendees because of a friendly and confident delivery. Enjoyed the session tremendously."

  • Anonymous in Dallas writes: "Very good overview. Appreciated all the many photos to see real-life situations, great presenter! Kept it interesting!"

  • Dave Mears, Senior Director, American Short Line Association writes: "Excellent course! wish I had taken this 20-years ago."

  • Anonymous in Philadelphia writes: "Excellent. The course should be taken by all before any advanced courses. One of the best classes I've attended. Great pace."

  • Grant Folz, Marketing, Railcet writes: "Great job. You are a wealth of knowledge and it's great for you to share your experiences to the industry."

  • Rolf Swanson, Sales Manager, Loram writes: "It's refreshing to have someone (John), who knows so much from hands on experience give an easy to learn seminar and be very humble in his delivery. You don't come across as a know-it-all, but instead as a share it all!"

  • Robert Collard, Project Engineer, JF White writes: "This course is an excellent introduction to track design and construction. This course would be helpful to young engineers, supers and foreman to begin an understanding of trackwork."

  • Delores Liso, Sales, Advanced Track Products writes: "Informative, clear, well presented, great book notes and well organized."

  • Richard Currier, Consultant, Boston writes: "A very straight forward, practical approach to trackwork, delivered by a true expert."

  • Jim Chambliss, Area Manager, Railworks writes: "This is a great course for younger railroaders. Great job!"

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