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Railroad Track Safety, Quality, Efficiency, Responsibility, Integrity


Custom Training Seminars

Track Guy Consultants has designed specific training modules and full length training courses that will be offered to persons that have an interest in the rail industry. We are in the midst of a renaissance pertaining to rail transportation, whether it is related to the freight or passenger industries. Railroad Track is being constructed all over the globe in urban and rural areas. Light Rail, in particular, has double it's trackage in the last 5 years and new transit agencies are sprouting up at a rate of 1 per year. The Freight arena is at over-capacity and in dire need of expansion. More efficient means of transporting goods and reducing maintenance time and cost are absolutely necessary. Intermodal is a word that is still not in the dictionary, yet is a hot topic in the industry and intermodal facilities are in varying stages of design and construction. The people doing this work are overworked and some are still designing and building the track using outdated information. The new generation of Railroaders needs to be trained and motivated in order to continue to produce a first class rail network. The experienced Railroader can always use a refresher course and their participation in class adds great value. We start each seminar with a brief monologue about John Zuspan 's career in order for the attendee to understand who is giving the instructions. A manual containing copies of the slide presentation is provided to each attendee. Let The Track Guy help with all your training needs whether it is in a classroom setting or field instruction.

We can design a Custom Training Program just for your company. Please review our course offerings and return the completed form to us for a complete estimate with options. We furnish a certificate of completion and a laminated wallet card stating that the attendee has been "Track Guy Trained".

Full One-Day or Two-Day Training Seminars
Seminars Include Classroom Setting or Field Instruction as required
Call us and we'll come to you for a Customized Training Program
or choose from any of our standard courses.

These are full day training courses that are already designed to include specific modules in order to bring a category of topics to the attendee. They have certain degrees of intensity and some require prerequisites.

1. Trackwork 101© (An Overview) (1-day)


This course is designed for the person that wants a general overview of Railroad Track construction and design. We touch on every possible subject that pertains to the Railroad and discuss these topics in a broad sense, keeping the discussion on a high level and leaving the detailed learning to a later time. This seminar has been widely accepted in the industry and is a great starter for any training program. Some of the topics covered are a discussion on the History of Railroad Track, how to make rail, definitions, fasteners, other components, types of Track and technical discussions on Wheel/Rail interface, load transfer, thermal forces, welding rail, determining rail life, track geometry, under balance, design criteria, jerk rate, economics of track, FRA rail & track defects, FRA Safety Standards, AREMA recommendations, APTA Safety recommendations, very brief methodologies and procedures for constructing Ballasted Track and DF Track, stray current, OTM, hand tools and equipment. We also show a video of track construction, equipment and some safety tips. This course is accredited for 8-CEU's by the Engineering Institute.


3. Trackwork 103© (Foreman's Training) (1-day)


This course is designed with the track supervisor and foreman in mind. We teach techniques for building and maintaining the track structure. We bring some of the theory into play to help the student have a better understanding as to why we do the things we do. We discuss many topics such as : how to build a turnout and set the guard rail properly, the proper way to thermal adjust CWR, string lining curves, how to make a field weld, material handling, setting up a flash butt welding plant, techniques for changing ties and rail. Sighting track for surface and line, organizing and planning the work and, more to be developed.


4. Trackwork 104© (FRA Track Safety Standards) (1 or 2-day)


This is a 1 or 2-day training course that focuses on the latest standards that the Federal Railroad Administration requires for any trackage that is connected to the general railway system. We discuss inspection of track and can spend a day in the field looking for defects and following up on the proper reporting procedures. We also review many of the topics that pertain to Freight Track and Maintenance of Way.


5. Trackwork 105© (Methodology) (1-day)


We talk about how to build the different types of track such as ballasted track, DF track, embedded track and the different variations of each. We use all our experiences to learn from each other. We bring many lessons learned to the seminar. We use video as a means of explanation. We keep this class very informal and share everyone's experiences so we can do it right the first time. Problem solving is a big part of the seminar and when others express a real life problem, we will take the time and solve that specific problem or situation. Learning from others mistakes is the ultimate learning experience. How to properly do a Highway Railroad Crossing is discussed as well as understanding how to do one half at a time. We also offer Safety and Planning tips.


6. Trackwork 106© (Standards for Passenger Track) (1 or 2-day)


This seminar follows the guidelines as set forth by APTA or FTA and discusses all safety standards for Transit, and Light Rail Track. This follows the same format as the FRA Track Safety Standards but adds more topics as it pertains to passenger transportation, such as 3 rd rail and catenary. This is a relatively new standard to the industry and is not accepted throughout the industry but is an excellent standard to build on and customize to each property. This class should be a must for all those responsible for the safe passage of trains with people on them. At the end of the class we will offer a letter to the Transit Agency identifying the attendees as having the knowledge and understanding to perform Track Maintenance and Inspection while at the same time holding John Zuspan harmless.


7. Trackwork 107© (Project Management) (1-day)


This seminar will take us through the entire process of a project and how to manage all the activities along the way. We will use our 30 + years of experience in managing projects as a foundation and keep the classroom in an open discussion forum in order to solve problems that others may have encountered. We focus on managing a Track Project whether it is contracted as a subcontract or as a general contract. We will discuss the original idea, procurement methods, pre-qualification, the estimate, the award, the schedule, the execution, cost controls, claims & delays, litigation, final acceptance, final payment and close-out. We will discuss how to protect your rights and how to keep impeccable records as well as the importance of document control and communication. All these and many more topics will be discussed with the ultimate goal of turning a profit in mind. After all we are not charitable organizations.


8. Trackwork 108© (Custom Training) (1-day or more)


This is a custom made program for any corporation. You choose the topics and we will design the course. Simply choose from the modules below or make up your own using the approximate time as a guide for the overall length for a Training session. Typically we come to you for this one.


9. Trackwork 109 Thermal Forces and CWR Adjusting


Meets FRA 213 Rules©Trackwork 109: Track Guy Consultants has developed a 1-day training program specifically to address Thermal Forces and CWR Adjusting. Learn how to spot areas that may have the potential for a sun kink. This may prevent derailments and help you sleep better at night while the trains are running. This course helps the attendee understand the following topics:

  • How we make rail
  • Flash Butt and Thermite Welds
  • Review of the Track Structure
  • Thermal Forces and the Calculations
  • Internal Forces and how to calculate them
  • Understanding and assigning Risk
  • CWR Maintenance
  • Procedure for proper Thermal Adjusting
  • Maintaining Neutral Temperature
  • The VERSE
  • FRA Regulations

We have many examples and do the calculations together to ensure understanding. We do problem solving and express the importance of doing it right as well as the consequences of doing it wrong. We show the audience what to look for, before that Track Buckle happens. As always, our goal is to ensure that all attendees grasp the importance of doing it right the first time. Use this special Registration Form for this one day class on Thermal Forces.


Training Modules: In addition to our seminars, we offer 52 Training Modules for a Custom Training Program tailored to your company's needs. Customized One-Day Training Modules are also available. Visit Training Modules.

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