Railroad Track Training and Track Inspection
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Railroad Track Safety, Quality, Efficiency, Responsibility, Integrity


Railroad Track Inspection

Railroads have moved over 2.2 Billion Tons of Freight per year. There has been a 62% drop in Train Accidents. Employee Injury Rate has Decreased 77%. Railroad Safety has Improved significantly over the last 25 years. Do you have the right Track Guy handling your inspections? At Track Guy Consultants, we offer:

Track Inspection Services:

  • We can offer design recommendations and do feasibility reviews of contract documents
  • We can write specifications and offer generic drawings for construction and capital improvement
  • We can prepare and implement RFQs and make suggestions
  • We can help prepare RFPs for pricing
  • We can perform a baseline inspection in order to track progress and maintenance activities
  • We can recommend Contractors and Vendors to get the best possible price for your trackwork needs

Certified FRA Track Inspections: We can inspect your track for compliance with FRA, FTA or APTA Track Safety Standards. We will assess and report to you only as to compliance with standard guidelines. We can offer a maintenance program and estimations of the life cycle of each component. We can recommend qualified contractors and offer estimates of cost for comparison. We can do follow-up track inspections as to the contractor's quality of performance.

FRA Track Inspection Standards for Speed and GageFRA Rail Defect

New Track Inspections: We can perform detailed track inspection of new track construction and prepare a detailed report with sign-off controls. We will perform joint inspections with the contractor and owner. We will identify non-conformance items to contract documents and recommended procedures to ensure compliancy. We can offer suggestions and value engineering to both the Contractor and Owner.

Double Crossover Track
New Track Inspections

Industrial and Private Track Inspections:  We can do a full track inspection of your industrial track, whether it be in a Power Plant, Steel Mill or a small industrial park. We will furnish a detailed report, a suggested maintenance program, life cycle costs, contractor list and annual cost estimates. We are qualified in the use and requirements of the Roadway Worker Protection Title 214 rules. We will perform annual inspections, monitor wear and problem areas and make sure that your track works right. If your track is not performing properly, then your operations will suffer from delays or injury. Eventually it can affect revenue and the bottom line.

Track Inspection Track Inspection Track Inspection

Rail Life Cycle Graph

Rail Life Cycle Graph: Shows expected life cycle based on certain parameters inherent to your system


Tie Life Cycle Graph

Tie Life Cycle Graph:
Shows expected life cycle based on certain parameters inherent to your system

It's All In The Attitude

The Rail Renaissance is upon us and Passenger Transportation Systems are being constructed in cities all across the United States of America. Tax credits have been implemented to help Short Lines upgrade infrastructure to accommodate the ever increasing loads that the Class 1 Railroads are hauling while cities and states are generating funding for the construction.

We must build and maintain the track structure the right way or Railroad Safety, Quality, and Integrity will be compromised and this great industry will (literally and figuratively) derail. At present, there are not enough skilled and experienced workers in this industry to handle this growing opportunity. There will be new Track Guys on the block that need to be trained and mentored until they gain the experience that is necessary in order to maintain the absolute integrity of track construction and safeguard the riding public. This must be our #1 Priority. Quality of Construction, Safety of the Track Structure and a Responsible Attitude toward passenger safety is a MUST.

Track Guy Consultants provides that "warm fuzzy feeling" of knowing that your track is safe. Together, we can and will make a difference.

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